Beautiful Balance: Schwan Cosmetics with “lagom” product range at MakeUp in New York

Published: 5-Sep-2019

Visit Schwan Cosmetics at Booth B9

At this year’s MakeUp in New York, Schwan Cosmetics introduces their “lagom” product range. Bringing the inner and outer worlds into harmony and reaching a beautiful balance – that is what the “lagom” makeup line stands for.

The new products create a distinctive personal look combining sustainability and luxury with high-end textures and packaging.

For the lips, the company presents an ultra-long-lasting lip liner in eight colors as well as a mineral lip powder (lip gloss) with moisturizing ingredients in an innovative and functional packaging.

Regarding the eyes, Schwan Cosmetics offers a range of compact eye shadows in four colors and three different effects (fluid, powdery, creamy) in a sustainable paper packaging.

Besides, the company has created a brow product line consisting in a brow soap in a recyclable aluminum jar, a brow liner, and a compact highlighter.

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