Beauty Cleanse skin care brand is raising funds to make beauty routines less wasteful

Published: 30-Mar-2021

The London-based multipurpose brand is seeking to raise funds to help complete their simple range of multipurpose skin care

Beauty Cleanse, a London-based vegan and minimalist skin care brand is seeking to raise funds through by 1st May 2021, to launch their new innovative superfood-powered multipurpose face mask which is unlike any other.

After two years of continuous testing and hard work, Beauty Cleanse Skincare is ready to offer a multi-purpose face mask that promises to be a "nearly everything" treatment as it works to brighten skin, refine pores, hydrate, soothe, detoxify, and offer an antioxidant boost all at once.

Just like all the other products in its range, the new Nearly Everything Minimalist Powder Mask, is another superfood-packed formula that is supergood for the planet. It is a 100% waterless formulation and made with not just one, but two upcycled ingredients diverted from the food waste. (Discarded charcoal derived from oak fencing offcuts and rice extracts made from misshapen white rice)

Brimming with anti-inflammatory turmeric, brightening vitamin C, rejuvenating Liquorice extract, soothing Aleo vera and detoxifying charcoal extract, this natural face mask is just what we all need to feed the skin with eco-friendly, skin-loving nutrients without compromising on the results.

Beauty Cleanse Skincare has proved that minimal is sophisticated, and their natural and vegan range has turned many heads. The brand has won several awards for their potent multipurpose serums, and the latest launch in the collection (the Anti-Pollution Cabbage Hemp Cleansing Oil & Makeup Remover) has just been a finalist in the Natural Face Product category by the Global Pure Beauty Awards 2021.

The event had almost 800 entries from 42 countries, making it a truly global event.

There is no doubt that the next product will also be an incredible addition to its capsule collection.

The brand believes that ‘helping people to simplify wasteful beauty routines’ is a great crowdfunding project that will benefit both consumers and the planet.

The £5,500 they are hoping to raise will enable them to empower people to declutter their masking stash and avoid excessive consumption. Some of the money raised from this campaign will also be used to introduce zero-waste, plastic-free and multiuse gift bags to address issues around wrapping paper waste during the holiday season.

"Considering the immense environmental impact of the consumerism on the planet, it’s time to focus on creating innovative multipurpose products that minimise unnecessary waste and encourage slow consumption. We simply do not need 10-12 step skin care routines to look and feel our best. Our skin only needs fewer high-quality products that supports its natural function", said Saman Ali, founder of Beauty Cleanse Skincare.

The brand is offering some exciting vegan and eco-friendly incentives for those who donate. Some of the key incentives include zero-waste gift bags made of cork, multipurpose face mask brushes, VEG1 vegan supplements, coconut salad bowls, some indulgent vegan brownies and a lot more.

Visit the crowdfunding page to learn more.

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