BeautySourcing is an O2O virtual beauty supply chain platform that brings brand markers together with premium Chinese suppliers. On this platform, global buyers can easily get access to products and services in various market segments of cosmetics. There you can also find trends and innovations that shape global beauty industry!

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Exploring the beauty industry for more than 10 years, BeautySourcing has built an alliance with numerous premium Chinese suppliers whose credentials have been carefully reviewed. By doing so, BeautySourcing ensures their premium products and services while simplifying buyers’ selection process. The innovative solutions offered by these suppliers will be regularly displayed at various world-class beauty events.

This means that buyers can get a sketchy glimpse of products online and then check the manufacturing techniques at beauty shows. Products displayed on BeautySourcing covers a wide range of cosmetic market segments encompassing as diverse as package and primary packaging, perfumery, cosmetics and toiletries, beauty equipment/beauty devices, hair care, hair extensions and wigs, nails, eyelashes and eyelash tools, makeup tools, permanent makeup, etc.

At this time, BeautySourcing has attracted 2,240 premium suppliers with nearly 30,000 products and solutions available on the platform. Through years of development, BeautySourcing has been highly recognized insiders. Almost 1,000 professional buyers have seen BeautySourcing as their preferred sourcing platform.

Our Mission

Beauty Sourcing is a tool to digitalise your beauty business to connect directly with manufactures via an online to offline sourcing experience.

Major Function

Beauty Events

This page is to show the events that BeautySourcing has attended or those around the corner. On the page of upcoming participated events, buyers can know in advance about the samples to be displayed in the upcoming event by searching products or suppliers.

On this basis, buyers will be able to make preparations for communicating with their preferred suppliers on the spot. On the page of archived events, buyers can review the key event information.

Significantly, BeautySourcing also includes its industry insights. For each archived event, BeautySourcing conducts an in-depth analysis of the data collected from online and offline inquires and the on-site situation.

Its purpose is to provide insights into local market trends to offer sourcing guides for buyers. This function also allows buyers to review what had been displayed at beauty shows and the relevant suppliers.

Beauty Marketplace

This section covers a complete range of beauty supply side products, including packaging and printing, perfumery, cosmetics and toiletries, hair care, nails, eyelashes and tools, makeup tools, permanent makeup, beauty devices and ingredients, etc.

On this page, buyers can easily find the to-be-displayed O2O products through event filtration option. That means buyers can understand market trends through online products while feeling the real manufacturing techniques at offline events.

Besides, the page navigation enables buyers to easily find the products that meet their expectations. The “Acquirable in Upcoming Events” filtration guides buyers to find the products coming from suppliers that will join BeautySourcing’s offline pavilion. If buyers want to search products across the platform, that's easy, too. They just need to choose some filtrations, for example, supplier attributes (business type, manufacture type, export countries, mode of payment and samples) or MOQ.

Online Procurement System

The new interface allows users to manage their inquiries efficiently and have real-time interactions with suppliers. The whole new system is made of an important toolkit for efficient procurement – RFI, RFQ and RFP. All three work together to make purchasing process more automated.

The new procurement system is also upgraded in a way that enables a number of integrations—including personnel, progress and document management. Users can check their progress through contacts and then communicate with suppliers about what is progressed and what is next. The document management function makes it convenient for users to check inquiries both received and issued in a direct way.

Industry News

The news section is specially recommended by BeautySourcing. It highlights three areas, including insights from suppliers, industry trends and global events.

As consumers’ appetite is always changing, keep up with trends seems to be especially important. As a buyer, you can keep abreast of suppliers information, product launch, industry trends and global beauty events through this section. It helps you to make informed sourcing decisions.


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