Become a pioneer in skin care with Cosphaderm Absolute

Published: 10-Jul-2023

Cosphaderm Absolute is an innovative humectant active blend which improves skin barrier function while simultaneously reducing the water activity of cosmetic formulations

With the three established humectants sodium lactate, betaine and propanediol in optimally balanced concentrations, Cosphaderm® Absolute ensures excellent skin hydration. Besides these three substances share a strong hygroscopicity, which lowers the water activity and thus the availability of water for microorganisms at the recommended use concentrations.

The blend combines skin barrier-enhancing properties with a unique antimicrobial mode of action, offering the possibility of an innovative, alternative preservation strategy that meets market needs and current trends in the cosmetics industry.

The efficacy of the product was demonstrated in a vehicle-controlled study and the antimicrobial effect has been proven in numerous challenge tests. The COSMOS- and NATRUE-compliant blend enables a wide range of applications in skin and hair care thanks to its pH-value independence and skin barrier-properties.

On their website you can find more about:

  • Study results
  • Scientific paper and insights of the preservation strategy
  • Recipes for ready-made frame formulations
  • Formulation guide video

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Cosphatec is one of the leading manufacturers for raw materials and focuses on stabilising modern and natural cosmetics with sustainable, skin-friendly raw materials.

Founded in 2005 and based in Hamburg, Germany, the company has in-depth expertise in formulating with natural raw materials and manufacturing market-oriented cosmetic products. As Cosphatec sees itself as a partner and knowledge provider, the company shares its knowledge in free webinars, videos such as formulation guides or formulation hacks and workshops for companies. In addition, Cosphatec also informs about industry updates and new products in its company blog.

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