BRB Silicones publishes new guide formulation booklet for hair care

Published: 12-Jan-2023

Thirty-four innovative and exciting hair care formulations compacted into a A5 size booklet of Hair Care Styling and Treatment Booklet as guide for personal care and cosmetic chemists

In the continuous effort to provide innovative and exciting guide formulation to the community of personal care and cosmetic chemists, BRB Silicones launches Hair Care Styling and Treatment Booklet which contains a total of 34 formulations. These formulations are created based on extensive research of personal care and cosmetics market trend for the East and the West, using the latest innovative Silicone ingredients from BRB.

“We believed this booklet will inspire formulators and chemists in the personal care and cosmetics industry to create and develop products that meet market trend and requirements,” said Gregoire Amice, Global Market Manager for Personal Care.

Please click this link to access to the booklet.

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