Caldic UK Ltd will promote Seqens Cosmetics’ new active ingredient in UK

Published: 12-Jun-2020

Caldic UK Ltd. is proud to be appointed as the exclusive UK distribution partner of French-based company Seqens Cosmetics for their extensive natural ingredient portfolio comprising actives and inspirational and titrated extracts.

The full-service distributor will exclusively introduce Seqens Cosmetics’ new active ingredient within the British market.

Advanced research in cosmetics aims to better understand the impact of topical products on the consumer’s emotional state beyond the simple improvement of skin parameters.

These new approaches put the spotlight on an EPS, Glycuron 2.78, which, among other giant polysaccharides, represented a candidate with very high potential as an emotional-beauty-enhancer active ingredient.

Glycuron origins

  Glycuron 2.78 is produced by Alteromonas sp. This microorganism was collected from a Moorean sea lagoon in French Polynesia, in association with a sea anemone.

Glycuron 2.78 is an exopolysaccharide with very special physicochemical properties. This 4 million Da marine megasugar, rich in uronic acid and liquid at 0,5% in water, is able to enhance formula sensory feeling, and improve skin appearance and emotional beauty.

Clinical tests

Clinical tests carried out on a 1% Glycuron 2.78 cream versus placebo showed statistically significant results after 28 days on skin hydration, as well as improving skin texture and appearance.

The originality of the evaluation lies in the fact that the emotional impact of the Glycuron 2.78 cream was measured versus placebo. 
Seqens Cosmetics used the Emospin test (Spincontrol patented technique), which uses the measurement of prosody (voice loudness and frequency) and verbatim. 

This study shows that Glycuron 2.78 at just 1% in a cream is able to significantly enhance self-image perception (what would you say of yourself), and projected allo-perception (what do you think others think of you).

The placebo cream did not generate any significant change in prosody or verbatim.

With this study, Seqens Cosmetics highlights the ability of a high molecular weight exopolysaccharide to provide a quantifiable benefit versus placebo by visibly enhancing the quality of the skin tissue (brightness, skin texture), but also the consumer’s emotional state (prosody, verbatim) when they apply this ingredient at 1% in a formula.


The interdependence between emotions and our perception of our own image (self-perception) or the image we think we project to others (allo-perception) represents an essential study lever for the wellness industry.

Up until now, the impact of a cosmetic product on our emotions has only been evaluated subjectively.

New methods to quantify this parameter by combining psychology with neuroscience allowed Seqens Cosmetics to put the spotlight on the first cosmetic ingredient capable of improving, at the clinical level, both skin parameters and self-perception using a formula at 1% versus placebo: Glycuron 2.78.

For more information, please contact Martin Gunson at Caldic UK Ltd.

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