Calendula Cellular Elixir: Alchemy Captured in Naolys’ Cell

Published: 25-Apr-2024

Naolys unveils its novel 2024 release: InnerLift Calendula. This 100% natural skin care solution harnesses the power of Intelligent Cellular Stimulation to deeply support intrinsic aging

Discover a pivotal investment for timeless beauty and holistic skin care.

Harnessing the power of Intelligent Cellular Stimulation, this sustainable ingredient solution specifically targets oxidized proteins and aging cells, providing both instant and prolonged actions. Clinically proven to reduce wrinkles, enhance skin quality, and promote hydration, InnerLift Calendula is meticulously crafted with and for skin care science.

Utilizing patented plant cell culture, Naolys offers exclusive and effective native Active Plant Cells, resulting in pure, natural products. Their mission revolves around biotechnology for environmental preservation, aligning with sustainability objectives while enhancing the performance of active ingredients.

Naolys will be present at NYSCC, booth 1720, come meet their passionate French team and discover the potential of advanced biotechnology for your products.

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