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Carmel Cosmetics Labs is an export-oriented cosmetic Private and White label manufacturing lab (OEM/ODM), founded in 2020 with its own manufacturing facilities and focused on the development of high profile brands and high quality products. Our factory is located in the industrial zone of Ait Melloul, Morocco, where we work with a team of open-minded and highly motivated young people who love their work and are willing to learn new things.

Our Main Mission?

To democratize the industrial manufacturing of cosmetic products and allow all creators to have an agile and efficient manufacturing tool and to concretize their brand creation projects.

About us

Carmel Cosmetics Labs is trusted by hundreds of brands around the world as a manufacturing partner to help bring their vision to life.

Our team is made up of experts and cosmetics enthusiasts who will help you with your white or private label needs every step of the way!

We offer a wide selection of products and packaging variations, to allow you to create your own unique product line, while remaining cost effective, high quality and made in Morocco.

What we offer

We are proud to offer over 300 skin care, hair care and other formulas, each made with quality natural ingredients.

We ensure that our products not only meet your high standards, but also those of the European Commission.

We have structured our private label offerings to provide our clients with extensive customization opportunities while minimizing start-up costs and turnaround times to allow cosmetic brands realistic, fast and efficient access to the market.

Safety, Efficiency and Organic and Natural Origin Formulas are our Priorities

Our Formulation Policy

Our formulations are based on science – we work with high quality, effective ingredients to ensure a strong shelf life for your products and safety for your customers.

We understand the importance of formulations that deliver visible results – combining the best of science and nature. We want your customers to love your products, which leads to repeat purchases and higher sales!

We work with the best that nature has to offer, using natural and organic ingredients whenever possible.

Why make Carmel Cosmetics Labs your strategic ally?

Key benefits:

  • We deliver to our customers on all five continents by air, sea and land. Our cosmetics laboratory works with the world's best carriers to offer you affordable, reliable delivery.
  • Our cosmetics laboratory can provide you with a creative team that masters the technical and regulatory aspects of cosmetics packaging.
  • You won't find prices as competitive as ours even in China. As our cosmetics factory is based in Morocco, with branches in France, the UK and the USA, we have a major competitive advantage in sourcing raw materials at the best prices.
  • Our cosmetics laboratory's production services include: formulation, manufacturing, cosmetics packaging, label and box design, regulatory compliance, delivery and, above all, responsive customer service throughout the entire process.
  • If you have not found your happiness in our catalog. Our cosmetic chemists will propose formulas specially adapted to your needs.
  • Thanks to solid partnerships with cosmetics packaging factories, our cosmetics laboratory offers over 10,000 references for cosmetics packaging in plastic, glass, acrylic, aluminum, paper, etc., in all sizes and colors. Limit is the sky!
  • No need to panic! Our cosmetics laboratory teams will guide you step by step to ensure regulatory compliance with the Product Information File, mandatory testing of your product in the country where it is marketed, CPNP notifications, Responsible Person...
  • The agility of our cosmetics laboratory's production facilities enables us to manufacture small, medium and large quantities. We can support brands from the earliest stages through to maturity.

Carmel Cosmetics  Labs

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