Chanel to overhaul influencer strategy under Nadège Winter

By Julia Wray | Published: 31-Oct-2023

The beauty unit, called Ideation and Creative Influence Strategies, will fall under the luxury brand's Influence and Brand Engagement Department

Chanel’s Fragrance & Beauty business is honing its influencer approach with a new Ideation and Creative Influence Strategies team, helmed by Nadège Winter. 

The aim of the new unit is to spearhead the beauty division’s influences, “anticipating them, shaping them and accelerating them by infiltrating new tribes [and] generating new conversations”, Chanel said in a statement. 

It will fall within Chanel’s Influence and Brand Engagement Department under Blandine Velin, International Head of Influence & Brand Engagement at Chanel.

French executive Winter, who joined Chanel in September this year, will lead this new ‘organisational pillar’. 

Her responsibilities will include ideating strategic concepts for major upcoming influence programmes for the luxury brand, aimed at enriching its resonance with today’s consumers. 

Winter has previously held senior strategic communications roles at fashion brands Calvin Klein and Wool and the Gang, and founded creative agency NWA (Nadège Winter Agency) in 2008. 

In a comment on social media site LinkedIn, Winter wrote: “After four incredible years living in New York City, 15 years as an independent consultant and entrepreneur, I am very excited and very proud to come back in France to join Chanel and contribute to redefine the meaning, mission, and values of influence today and tomorrow.”

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