Clinical studies of androgenetic alopecia treatment products

Published: 7-Nov-2023

In this webinar, we would like to shed light on the different perspectives and testing approaches of clinical studies with products targeting Androgenetic Alopecia

Our speakers Sandra Bleckwenn and Dr. Matthias Seise will be joined by Michal Kasprzak from Tricholab, in order to discuss the following aspects in the one-hour webinar:

1. Anatomy of the skin, the scalp, hairs and follicles
2. Objective and subjective assessments
3. Parameters/ Methods:

  • Clinical Photography / Image Analysis / Phototrichogram (PT)- Recruitment of patients and subjects

4. Patients with hair loss (e.g. androgenetic alopecia)
5. Study designs:

  • Use tests (application in the test area or systemic intake)
  •  Efficacy studies: Claims, Intended Use, Indications

6. Questions and answers

Participation in this webinar is particularly interesting for manufacturers of the following products:

  • Medical devices and Over the Counter (OTC) products with efficacy to hair growth
  • Food supplements with impact to hair quality
  • Medicinal products for the treatment of hair loss
  • Topical products such as scalp lotions, sera, hair waters, shampoos etc. Participation in the webinar is free of charge.

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