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Demetrix is a biotechnology company dedicated to researching and producing bioactive ingredients. The company identifies rare bioactive compounds and, through rigorous research, develops those with the greatest potential for human health and wellbeing. Demetrix methods replicate nature’s chemistry, and we produce bioactives efficiently and affordably, maintaining a light environmental footprint. Demetrix is based in Berkeley, CA, with offices in Raleigh, NC


Demetrix was founded by scientists who bring their passion for uncovering the new to everything we do and who find our inspiration in the world of nature because nature is our greatest innovator.

We’ve made it our mission to enrich human life by unlocking nature’s most powerful secrets and making them accessible to all. We search for rare bioactive compounds in plants and, through rigorous research, identify those that have the most potential to enhance human health and wellbeing. We further develop only those bioactives that demonstrate proven efficacy. Then, we produce them at scale using innovative processes that replicate nature’s chemistry and deliver them in their purest form.

And because we’re able to produce them efficiently, we can do so at a cost that is accessible – all while maintaining a light environmental footprint.

At Demetrix, we believe in the power of nature in its purest form, and we believe in the wonder of science.


Arete-G™ is CBG by Demetrix.

Arete-G™ is highly pure, sustainably produced CBG with no THC - ever. This bioactive ingredient is identical to plant based CBG without many of the common impurities found with plant extraction that can create undesirable effects in consumer products. Demetrix research has demonstrated that CBG has strong anti-inflammatory properties, is not an irritant, and has activity against C. acnes.

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