EastHill Corporation


Hyundai Coretel 1003
1125 Sanbondong
Gunpo - Shi
Gyeonggi - Do
435 040
Korea (South)

+82 3 13 965 182



EastHill Corporation has been producing the highest quality raw materials for cosmetics in Korea since 1996.


EastHill Corporation produces functionally enhanced powders for use in cosmetics manufacture. These include Coated Powders, Colour Bases, functional Dispersions.

Surface Treatment

Coated Powders

Surface treatment agent is ultrafine powder which is fused to base powder which then can be use to improve base make-up. The treated powder has

  • Improved feeling of use and application
  • Enhanced dispersibility of nano-particles with high cohesion in an emulsion
  • High UV-blocking effect with natural coverage
  • Minimized remaining nano-particles to avoid harmful effects to the human skin

The resultant powders exhibit enhanced SPF protection.

Color Base

This customized colour base disperses colorants at optimal ratio and it is semi-finished product. This colour base realises simplification of toning process and secures consistent product quality. For BB cream, make-up base, and liquid foundation.

Advantages include simplification of manufacturing process (Powder pre-treatment process and the toning process are not required). Ensuring uniformity of product quality and allowing a cistomised base to be produced.

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