Corpack supplies packaging for the personalised skin care products of the new brand Zkin Lab

Published: 6-Jan-2023

The new German Zkin Lab skin care brand caters to the individual skin care needs of its customers with personalised skin care products

This is made possible through the use of skin analysis kits that measure relevant biomarkers on the skin. Artificial intelligence is then used to produce personalised skin care products based on this data.

Zkin Lab has chosen packaging from Corpack, which protects the high-quality ingredients and expresses individuality. The facial cream is delivered in a 50 ml airless dispenser that protects the formula from light and air. The Sughera over cap is designed to give the packaging a natural, individual look. It contains 70% recycled cork, allowing for the use of less plastic.

The full routine kit is supplemented with a problem-specific serum in a 30 ml glass bottle with a pipette and a Sughera collar, and a cleanser in a 150 ml PET bottle with an oil pump.

The Müller drugstore chain in Germany will offer products from Zkin Lab in selected stores and online from January 2023.

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