Cosphatec reveals new natural ingredient with powerful protection properties for formulation and skin

Published: 9-Apr-2024

Discover the latest innovation from Cosphatec on the 16th of April - this revolutionary product offers a natural solution for protecting cosmetic products from oxidative stress

In a world where consumers are increasingly seeking natural and sustainable alternatives, Cosphatec has responded with a high-class product that harnesses the power of nature to enhance the quality and longevity of cosmetic products.

At the heart of this innovation is a unique blend of botanical ingredients carefully selected for their antioxidant properties and their ability to combat the effects of oxidative stress on the skin and provide a powerful protection for the formulation.

Benefits for formulation and skin

An outstanding benefit of this formulation is its pronounced skin cell-protecting effect against UV-induced oxidation processes. By protecting skin cells from harmful UV radiation, this product not only preserves the integrity of the skin, but also can helps to reduce premature skin ageing and sun damage.

But that's not all the benefits. This innovative raw material has been specially developed to improve the stability and longevity of cosmetic products over a longer period of time. The outstanding product protection provided by Cosphatec's latest development has been proven in a study. This means that your cosmetic formulations have better product protection and benefit your customers equally. This has been proven with in-vitro study.

To experience this revolutionary innovation for yourself, be sure to visit the raw material supplier based in Germany with subsidiaries in China and France at In-Cosmetic Global in Paris, where they will be showcasing their latest product on stand 2F88. Here, you'll have the opportunity to get up close and personal with the product, speak to the experts behind its development, and gain an exclusive insight into its effectiveness.

Be inspired by the power of nature unleashed in Cosphatec's innovative product range. With its commitment to sustainability and natural ingredients, Cosphatec is leading the way in revolutionising the cosmetics industry and offering you high-quality, environmentally friendly alternatives. Take the chance to be part of this exciting journey into a more sustainable future of cosmetics.

The product will launch on the 16th of April here:

Cosphatec reveals new natural ingredient with powerful protection properties for formulation and skin

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