Dermalogica partners with anti-domestic abuse initiative Shear Haven

By Alessandro Carrara | Published: 3-Aug-2022

Dermalogica’s skin care therapists will be trained to spot signs of domestic abuse, as well as how to respond appropriately

Dermalogica has partnered with Shear Haven, an initiative which provides domestic violence education to beauty professionals and salons.

The skin care brand aims to increase the number of its therapists who are able to spot the signs of domestic abuse in the UK and Ireland through the scheme.

Staff will also be trained to manage conversations with clients who may be in danger and pass along tools to help them get to safety.

Dermalogica will work alongside Shear Haven’s UK and Ireland Ambassadors, salon business expert, Liz McKeon, and international wellness journalist and author, Mark Smith.

"As UK and Irish Ambassador for Shear Haven Training my long-term vision is to educate and empower salon professionals to help vulnerable clients and staff, provide a safe environment for victims and hopefully save lives,” said McKeon.

She added that the campaign aims to "recognis[e] the role our amazing industry can play in highlighting the severity of domestic violence in our communities."

“I am honoured and privileged to partner with Dermalogica to work together to help make this vision a reality.”

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Shear Haven was co-founded by Susanne Post, a Nashville-based salon owner and stylist, in 2017.

Post, who is a survivor herself, created the scheme to educate communities on the signs of abuse and increase available resources to help victims.

More than 50,000 beauty professionals from around the world have taken the training so far.

“Skin care professionals are often trusted confidants and salon environments may provide no-judgement emotional safe spaces for those in difficult circumstances,” added Candice Gardner, Dermalogica Education Manager.

“Knowing how to guide clients and team members to the right support services and professionals when they need it could be life saving for an individual.

“Every skin therapist needs this training, and we are passionate about ensuring it is easily accessible.”

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