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Published: 13-Mar-2024

For Lumson, a leader in primary cosmetic packaging, 2024 kicks off with one of its flagship makeup products: lipstick. The company, representing a key partner at the global level, boasts two sites entirely dedicated to the development of lipstick packaging and a production capacity of 50 million pieces per year

The Italian company has created a series of products that are 100% made in Italy, combining aesthetics with functionality and safety with sustainability. All of this was made possible thanks to the entry of Leoplast into the Lumson Group in 2017, a company that had been operating in injection molding of lipsticks, caps, capsules, and makeup containers since 1978. The two companies have created perfect synergy, allowing Lumson to establish itself in the market as an important and reliable player in lipstick production.

Every phase of lipstick manufacturing, from the initial design to final production, is the result of complex work and immense attention to detail. Standard solutions and high-quality ‘custom’ projects that are destined to make history like L’Oréal Paris with which the Group has been collaborating for a long time and for which it produces Color Riche, one of the most iconic lipsticks of all time.

Currently, Lumson’s portfolio includes 14 solutions that embody their creative versatility, technical and productive know-how, and attention to sustainability. Among the various offerings are many notable ‘green’ solutions that focus on circularity and follow the pillars of sustainability. This ‘family’ includes eco-conscious solutions made with recyclable and/or recycled materials (100% PP, 95% PCR PP, PCR ABS), and mono-material solutions. In terms of versatility, airtight certainly deserves a place of honour: a safe, elegant packaging option, designed for transfer-proof and long-lasting lipstick.


A creative attitude combined with profound know-how makes it possible for the company to come up with solutions that have a constantly different look to them, in line with current trends. An example can be seen in the reinterpretation of some standard lipsticks that have been modified and adorned with the wonders of the cosmos.

These products not only embody Lumson’s expertise and know-how but also invite you on a journey into space, a world partly known and partly unexplored, but always able to amaze and create wonder and marvel. The collection is embellished with shades of colour reminiscent of the Milky Way: from deep glittery hues similar to those of the midnight sky to cosmic sand that comes alive in both colour and to the touch. Instead, other lipsticks are characterised by silver finishes that evoke lunar rocks and extremely bright, fluorescent colours reminiscent of a supernova explosion. The entire universe in a lipstick.

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