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Published: 7-Dec-2021

Our team of experts have conducted extensive market research to identify key new trends in the market to create two new concept ranges launched to help consumers adapt to a new post-pandemic world. Feelings Forward utilises the latest technologies from Givaudan to bring a stronger connection between consumers and Personal Care products by exploring a range of senses. Complexion Confidence helps people express their true identity and celebrate the newfound freedom in a post-pandemic society

Behind the trend

Life during a global pandemic has brought many of us to be more in touch with our emotional wellbeing, leading to consumers being more connected to products, services and experiences that are designed around how they make a person feel, also known as ‘emotional design’.

Product Concept

‘Feelings Forward’ is formulated with scientifically validated ingredients to take consumers on a multisensory journey from sunrise to sunset with a range of products for different times of the day.

This extensive range of personal care products explores the ground-breaking technology of MoodScentz and DreamScentz from Givaudan.


  • Sunrise Sensitive Dew - Silky thin emulsion to provide a wake up moisturisation
  • Sunrise Radiance Dew - Silky thin emulsion to help moisturise and even skin tone with Happy Fizz fragrance to give a happy wake up to any day
  • Sunrise Eye Cream - This quick break cream gives a nice skin feel with ROVISOME Q10 NG to help reduce the appearance of skin ageing
  • Sunrise Shower Wash - Foaming sulphate free formulation that cleanses the skin
  • Sunshine Spritz - A refreshing formula with Energising Hinoki fragrance to provide an energising spritz on the go
  • Sunlight Cream - Thick cream for daily use with a Flamboyant fragrance
  • Sunset Cleanser - A mild sulfate free formulation to cleanse the skin, ERYLITE F8030 Fine to help moisturise and Deep Relaxation fragrance to help wind down at the end of the day
  • Sunset Bath Soak - Relaxing bath soak to unwind and help send anyone off into a good night's sleep, providing a cleansed skin effect and Deep Sleep fragrance to aid a peaceful sleep
  • Sunset Barrier Dew - Silky thin emulsion to help restore the protective barrier function of the skin as well as moisturize with SchercemolTM SHS for a smooth application
  • Sunset Moisture Dew Fall - Silky thin emulsion to help moisturize and smooth wrinkles with Night Elixir fragrance to give a peaceful send off to sleep
  • Sunset Cream - This rich cream provides a moisturising feel and helps to fight wrinkles, smoothing the skin surface
  • Moonlight Mist - A luxurious yet simple pillow mist containing vegan-friendly Augeo Crystal and Moon Blossom Fragrance to help you drift off with ease.

To request a sample kit or find out more, please email: pc-formulations@surfachem.com

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