Function of Beauty applies algorithm technology to skin care

By Becky Bargh | Published: 24-Nov-2020

The new line allows customers to personalise their skin care routine from the brand’s six skus

Function of Beauty has applied its algorithm technology to skin care with the choice of six skus.

Customers can choose from two cleansers, the Micellar Gel Cleanser or Jelly Cleanser, which are said to balance skin’s pH levels while hydrating.

Ingredients include glycolipids, betaine and panthenol and are said to leave skin feeling refreshed and clean without tightening.

The new Custom Serum is blended with allantoin, betaine and panthenol in order to brighten, reduce redness and tighten.

Meanwhile, the trio of moisturisers include a cream, lotion and gel, each designed to give a boost of hydration.

Tsubaki oil, vegan squalene and beetroot extract have been harnessed to seal in moisture and shield skin from external aggressors.

Prices start from £19 and are available to purchase from

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