Get the Glow - The new Wonder Glow Cream by Inspira Cosmetics

Published: 1-Dec-2021

For radiantly beautiful skin

inspira: cosmetics develops, produces and markets high-quality and contemporary cosmetic products for individual skin care worldwide. The German company is based in Aachen and was founded in 2000. All inspira: cosmetics products are therefore "made in Germany".

The development of outstanding and highly effective products with excellent tolerance is a matter of course for inspira: cosmetics. The products visibly improve the skin' appearance and make the user look the best possible for her/his respective age.

The Wonder Glow Cream is the latest product to come out of the research lab. The scientists at inspira: cosmetics have succeeded in embedding no less than 5 different hyaluronic acids in a high-quality skin care cream.

These differ in their molecular weight, which allows them to penetrate the skin to different depths and plump up and smooth the skin at different levels of the epidermis. Some of them are also used by dermatologists for filler injections and one is cross-linked, which means it lays on the skin like a net and lifts there.

The primary goal when using this hyaluron cocktail is to achieve the smoothest possible skin surface. Because the smoother the skin, the better the reflection of the incident light and the more beautiful the complexion and the glow.

In addition, the Wonder Glow Cream contains vegetable collagen from acacia, skin- friendly olive oil and has SPF 15.

After application, the skin looks pleasantly mattified and Wonder Glow Cream is therefore also perfect as a make-up base.

It is a matter close to inspira: cosmetics' heart to help women who are currently going through a difficult phase in their lives and therefore 10% of the proceeds from the sale of Wonder Glow Cream will be donated to Brustkrebs eV.

Brustkrebs Deutschland e.V. was founded in 2003 as a non-profit association by Renate Haidinger (1st chairwoman) and is a joint and equal association of doctors, patients, relatives and companies who have set themselves three goals:

  • To promote prevention and early detection of breast cancer and to break down taboos on this topic.
  • To provide as much information and support as possible to doctors, patients and their families.
  • To support independent research.

If you would like to support Brustkrebs eV, here are the bank details: Donation account:IBAN: DE61 7015 0000 1001 1958 23 BIC: SSKMDEMMXXX

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