Global cosmetic product safety assessment training

Published: 26-Jan-2024

A live e-learning course by Cosmetics Consultants Europe providing scientific understand, experts' knowledge and their practical experiences on cosmetic product safety assessment

  • Module 1: Approaching cosmetic products and their safety
  • When: 6 February 2024  || 12 EST · 17 GMT · 18-19:30 CET
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The Course Concept at a Glance: The training program, now in its fourth season, aims to empower participants with the skills necessary to conduct Safety Assessments (SAs) for cosmetic products with global reach. The foundation of the scientific and regulatory principles lies in the European Regulation N° 1223/2009 on cosmetic products and its associated guidance publications. Yet, the curriculum also provides support for applications under further global regulatory frameworks, with a focus on developments under the US-MOCRA.

CCE’s team of safety assessors, alongside other international CCE experts, will share their practical experiences gleaned from hands-on daily practice in performing SAs and ensuring regulatory compliance. Additionally, the program will feature lecturers from universities and industry who will contribute insights into fundamental scientific aspects. This approach ensures a comprehensive understanding of both practical applications and theoretical underpinnings.

The training unfolds across six modules over the span of a year. Each module comprises four webinars and a dedicated full online day for knowledge exchange, discussion, exercises, and support. The collective content of the modules equips participants with the necessary expertise to proficiently perform cosmetic product safety assessments upon completing the entire course.

Overall, the course provides a well-rounded and in-depth education, blending real-world application with academic rig-or. Participants can expect to gain practical skills, theoretical knowledge, and insights, positioning them as competent safety assessors in the field of cosmetic product regulations.

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