Global sun care market shines as brands tackle burning issues

Published: 16-May-2018

Sun care is always a hot-button issue with consumers and the past year has only seen their list of sun care expectations grow

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How best to approach consumers about wearing adequate sun protection? Appeal to their vanity?

As we all know, skin that is exposed to UV rays will look older in time. Or do we speak to their health-conscious side, given that skin cancer rates in the UK, for example, continue to rise?

Although sun care has become more prominent in recent years, manufacturers and formulators must constantly appeal to consumers to do two things: wear more sunscreen (more often and at the right SPF) and reapply it regularly.

The million-dollar question is how do we get them to comply? However, it is not just sunscreen that consumers should use – they'd also benefit from the adequate application of aftersun.

Then there are the sun worshippers who desire to look bronzed and golden even before they hit the beach – the self-tanners.

Despite skin care experts and health care professionals advising

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