Goldn launches the first online cosmetic product builder for brands

Published: 14-Oct-2021

Goldn’s vision for simplifying and streamlining the cosmetic product development process will take a giant step forward on 28 September, with the launch of the Cosmetic Product Builder for Beauty Brands

It’s the first piece of the company’s roadmap to introduce digital solutions that will help Beauty Brands, Cosmetic Product Developers and formulators, as well as investors, suppliers, designers, and marketing pros connect, collaborate, and create and launch successful cosmetic products together.

What is the product builder?

The Product Builder is the cosmetic industry’s first online, easy-to-use cosmetic product development tool that will help Beauty Brands and Cosmetic Product Developers at all levels work easily and securely to develop formula-based products.

It is a platform where cosmetic creators can go all the way from product ideation to planning and all the way to development to launch products to market.

The Product Builder is a digital ecosystem that provides a single, online workspace for individuals and small teams – one that simplifies product creation and significantly accelerates the timeline for getting to market with a new formula-based cosmetic.

What can a beauty brand do in the product builder?

Just about everything! The Goldn Product Builder provides an online environment in which Beauty Brands, Indie Brands, and those new to cosmetic product development can take their idea and make it into reality.

The Product Builder includes the following features:

  • Ideation Space. This is your creative space – sort of an interactive and shareable gallery, where Cosmetics Creators can save ideas, images, information, and inspiration, and choose to share them with other players on the cosmetic product development supply chain.
  • Product Brief. This tool helps Cosmetic Product Developers create their master plan – aka the Cosmetic Product Brief. We provide the templates for creating your product description, commercial parameters, and ICP (ideal customer profile) and share this information with formulators and suppliers.
  • Guided Tasks. Not sure what the next step is on the road to product launch? The Guided Tasks tool within the Product Builder helps you understand your critical milestones for each stage of product development – and helps you manage your progress in meeting those milestones.
  • Collaboration Tools. Build your cosmetic product development dream team with our easy collaboration tool, that lets you invite contributors and manage tasks, all in a secure, single online space Simple and Delightful. That’s the Goldn Mantra.

Cosmetic product development is a long, complex, and often stressful process. At Goldn, we believe it doesn’t have to be. The Product Builder is designed to simplify and demystify new product development. By gathering under one digital roof the key partners in product development, including Beauty Brands, formulators, suppliers, packaging providers, marketing agencies, regulatory consultants, and more, we’ve simplified the approach – no more needle-in-a-haystack searches for development partners, and no more crossing of fingers in the hopes you’ve assembled the right team.

Another thing you should know about the Goldn Product Builder – it’s delightful to use! Our designers have created an online environment that’s visually appealing, intuitive, inspiring, and most of all, easy to use.

Simple and delightful is something of a mantra at Goldn, and the Cosmetic Product Builder reflects that. And until the end of 2021, access to the Product Builder is free for Beauty Brands and Cosmetic Product Developers. So come see what all the buzz is about, and discover just how fun and rewarding it can be to bring your new product idea to fruition with Goldn.

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