How Rieke’s Selene Mini Airless ticks all the boxes for NPD

Published: 20-Nov-2014

Entrepreneur Jacqueline Jennings searches for the right pack format

How the Selene Mini Airless Ticks All the Boxes for NPD

  • Image Enhancing
  • Eye-catching
  • Functional
  • Reliable
  • Airline and Travel Friendly

When it comes to launching a totally new product innovation into a competitive market, finding the right packaging solution is absolutely essential.

So when entrepreneur Jacqueline Jennings came up with a revolutionary concept in hygiene care, she immediately began her search for the right pack format alongside her product formulation work.

Her Escape Pees brand offers a range of toilet training accessories and bathroom cleaning products. Final Act is a unique three-in-one non-perfumed, hypo-allergenic hygiene gel that is an ideal alternative to wet wipes and is a hand wash or can be applied to a toilet tissue for a final wipe or as a toilet seat cleaner.

Jacqueline’s requirements for a pack for this product were that it had to be practical and durable; convenient and easy-to-use; a handy size that could be easily taken anywhere, including onto an aeroplane; and a pack that conveyed a premium quality image and attracted attention on shelf.

All of which were fundamental to the development of the Rieke Selene Mini Airless which combines effective protection, easy dispensing and on-shelf impact to add value to a brand:

  • An airtight and leak-free construction will preserve even the most sensitive formulas and creates a safe and effective travel pack, small enough to be carried in airline hand luggage
  • The slim modern design can be customised to your specific requirements through a choice of high quality decoration options.
  • Rieke’s pioneering HVDS (high viscosity dispensing system) delivers 99% product evacuation.

“The Selene ticks all the boxes,” says Jacqueline. “Even in this early stage of the development process, it is good to have been able to identify a pack solution that can convey and support my brand proposition.”

Available in two sizes, 15ml and 30ml, each delivering a 0.3ml dose, the newly-launched Selene Mini Airless Dispensers from Rieke combine excellent protection with easy dispensing for all types of products, from highly viscous to fast free-flowing.

The dispensers incorporate a specially-developed new pump system that delivers consistent and reliable operation. A static airtight valve prevents any intake of air during the operation of the pump and is completely leak resistant when the pump is not in use, making the Selene Mini Airless a safe and practical travel pack.

In addition, Rieke’s proven ‘Clear Path Technology’ ensures that the spring mechanism does not come into contact with the product formula, while the pump does not contain an elastomeric membrane, both of which provide effective protection for sensitive products.

A wide range of decoration options is available to personalise the dispensers and project premium branding and on-shelf differentiation, while the rest of the Selene Airless range, in sizes up to 200ml, allows the creation of a family of packs.

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