How the obsession with longevity is shaping the future of skin care

By Jo Allen | Published: 7-Dec-2023

Anti-ageing skin care is on the brink of change. Longevity scientists are raising the bar with an approach that makes skin biologically younger

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Can we ‘cure’ ageing? The question came to the forefront in 2023, fuelled by a heady mix of compelling scientific developments and investment from multi-millionaire tech entrepreneurs, against a backdrop of an ageing global population and the recent pandemic.

Together, this has culminated in a borderline obsession with ‘longevity’.

Numerous scientific studies have supported a dramatic increase in longevity in the coming decades, extending the human lifespan to 120 or even beyond.

Breakthroughs such as the successful transfer of a ‘longevity gene’ from naked mole rats to mice, that improved the overall health and lifespan of the mice, are now the stuff of fact, not fiction.

And while ‘longevity’ may have been one of this year’s most popular buzzwords, it has also become a rapidly growing industry, one that is poised to have a profound impact on beauty and wellness in the future.

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