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We Ichimaru Pharcos a global company that contributes to the “health and beauty” of people all over the world by providing high-quality products through research/development and technology innovation in Japan

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After the establishment in 1959, Ichimaru Pharcos has become a global leader in Research and Development of natural active ingredients for the cosmetic industry. Locating in Gifu prefecture, Japan, the company has gained reputation and trust from world leading cosmetic brands including small scale cosmetic manufacturers for efficient support and service.

Ichimaru Pharcos provides more than 1,000 ingredients from natural resources to cosmetics and food industries all over the world.



Ichimaru Pharcos

Lipofuscin, that accumulates in cells with age, reduces skin transparency by blocking light transmission and causes skin dullness. We focused on proteasome and autophagy, the intracellular purification systems, and developed JuniperBright which increased their activities and suppressed accumulation of lipofuscin in human epidermal keratinocytes.

Fermentage ALOEVERA

Ichimaru Pharcos

Fermentage ALOEVERA is a filtrate of certified organic aloe vera leaf juice powder fermented with lactic acid bacteria isolated from the plant. Fermentage ALOEVERA protects the skin from seasonal disturbances.


Ichimaru Pharcos

HyaluGuard is expected to protect Hyaluronic Acid (HA) from breakdown by inhibiting HYBID, a HA degradation enzyme, increases the moisture content of the skin and reduces wrinkles and skin sagging. This product uses Artemisia capillaris from Japan.


Ichimaru Pharcos

VeganProteoglycan will help maintaining the skin structure by promoting the fibroblast proliferation and collagen production. It is effective in increasing the collagen density in the dermis and reducing the wrinkles and improves the skin texture and age spots.


Ichimaru Pharcos

MILLTECT inhibits biofilm formation (dental plaque) which causes oral infections such as dental caries and periodontal diseases. MILLTECT prevents the occurrence of halitosis and pigmentation on the tooth surface by inhibiting the adhesion of bacteria and shows the stronger inhibition of bacterial adsorption with the combination of antimicrobial agents (CPC, IPMP, etc).

Biobenefity conc

Ichimaru Pharcos

Biobenefity conc is an SDGs-friendly concentrated version of Biobenefity, obtained from artichoke leaves. Its active molecule "Cynaropicrin" is concentrated 10 times which suppresses the activation of NF-kB, the key to skin aging, and prevents pigmentation, photoaging, and conspicuous pores.

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