Incorporating bamboo into your packaging

Published: 30-Sep-2021

In partnership with Idealpak

Unlike wood from the trees which takes many years to grow, bamboo is a type of grass and is much more fast-growing. It has been considered a sustainable resource for a wide range of industries.

In recent years, bamboo has also found its way into the beauty industry as a source of luxurious and sustainable packaging for cosmetics and skin care products, enabling businesses to reduce their carbon footprint.

Bamboo packaging is more and more popular because of the amazing strengths of bamboo, which include:

  1. Durable and strong: They are used as building materials thanks to their strength. Their strength-to-weight ratio is similar to timber
  2. Environmental-friendly: They are 100% biodegradable and can be easily regenerated
  3. Fast-growing: They are the fastest-growing plant on earth. They can grow to full size in just 3-4 months, compared to standard trees which can take over 30 years to grow
  4. Safe and hygienic: Their fibres are naturally anti-bacterial without needing any toxic chemical treatments.

Idealpak offers a variety of high-quality bamboo closures made of real bamboo. Below are the available options:

  • Bamboo lotion pumps
  • Bamboo sprayers
  • Bamboo treatment pumps
  • Bamboo droppers
  • Bamboo disc top caps
  • Bamboo screw caps

See details of the products in the video below:

Idealpak’s bamboo packaging features

The inner layer of a bamboo cosmetic packaging is typically made of glass or plastic. All external parts (such as the outer cap and base) are made of 100% bamboo. They are available in different sizes and can be a perfect match for Idealpak’s bottles.

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