Keeping up appearances? Male grooming trend fails to capture Brits’ attention

By Becky Bargh | Published: 25-Oct-2019

According to research from media company Kantar, less than 50% of British men maintain their appearance and one fifth make no effort to do so

Beauty is booming across the board and male grooming is getting its share of the revolution.

But, according to new research from media company Kantar, it’s failing to make an impact on British men.

Nearly 60% of men worldwide claim to maintain their appearance, which falls to 44% for British men.

Meanwhile, one fifth said they make no effort in maintaining their looks, compared with the global average of 11%.

“British men are not only the least concerned about their appearances globally, they are actually going against the trend by becoming less involved in their personal care routines,” said Kantar personal care specialist Alex Foch.

“The number of British men categorised as heavy users has dropped two percentage points on last year to 19.4%, with a knock-on effect on personal care brands in the region.”

Foch said this is because British men have not been convinced they need a personal care routine.

“Brands should take a step back and think about new ways of enticing them into the sector.

“If men think expanding their grooming regime is going to eat into their valuable free time they won’t do it, so ease and convenience have to be high on the agenda; and if a product has an overly ‘macho’ look, it could feel dated and unappealing to the modern British man.”

Despite not being able to capture the British clientele, Foch believes the male grooming is still a promising sector for brands and manufacturers.

“Men are increasingly comfortable buying, using and enjoying grooming and care products and they’re developing a better knowledge of what’s on the shelves,” said Foch.

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