Kent Brushes ditches badger bristles with new synthetic shaving brush

Published: 21-Oct-2020

The Royal Warrant-approved brand said it wanted to respond to the demand for ethically-sourced grooming products

Kent Brushes has responded to the demand for better ethically-sourced shaving products with a new synthetic brush range.

Made from Silvertex bristles that are said to be stiff enough to lather soaps and creams with ease, the 6-sku range showcases a duo of medium, large and extra large brushes in a white or black colour (from £35).

The new brushes are said to be durable, easy to maintain and clean, and dry quickly.

Traditional shaving brushes use badger hairs as it naturally retains water and is considered to be ideal for lifting stubble and exfoliating the skin, putting the badger at the mercy of the beauty sector.

Many of the animals are bred in captivity, particularly in mainland China, and kept in small wire cages before being slaughtered for global export.

Kent Brushes still stocks shaving products made from the controversial hair.

Read more about the battle to regulate the trade via the link below.

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