L’Oréal Paris’ anti-street harassment programme launched on Roblox

By Alessandro Carrara | Published: 6-Nov-2023

L’Oréal established its Stand Up Against Street Harassment programme in 2020 with international NGO Right To Be

L’Oréal Paris has extended its Stand Up Against Street Harassment programme to gaming platform Roblox.

The initiative's impact training has now been rolled out to users playing in Livetopia, a roleplaying server on the virtual outlet.

Players are taught about the different situations of street harassment, and are offered advice on how to safely react when witnessing it in real life.

This is achieved using Roblox’s gaming elements, which involves finding and using various tools and actions within the game world to deal with the scenario.

“With more than two million people already trained, both physically and online, introducing the Stand Up Against Street Harassment experience on Roblox is a fantastic opportunity to bring awareness to the brand’s cause in an innovative way,” a spokesperson for L’Oréal said.

L’Oréal launched the Stand Up Against Street Harassment programme in 2020 in partnership with international NGO Right To Be.

The campaign is focussed on raising awareness about street harassment and training people using its '5D’s' methodology: distract, delegate, document, delay and direct.

These help individuals intervene if they witness or experience street harassment.

The initiative's expansion onto Roblox comes as more brands tap into the metaverse and gaming spaces as part of their marketing efforts.

Rhianna’s Fenty Beauty made its metaverse debut in 2023 after launching a four-week experiential campaign on Roblox. 

The event included a variety of games and prizes that tied in with the brand.

Urban Decay also hosted its first-ever metaverse make-up launch party this year on the gaming platform.

The cosmetics brand’s Urban Decay Eye-Con event allowed users to try on 18 limited edition virtual make-up looks.

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