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LEHVOSS UK Personal Care Division have been distributing performance raw materials to the personal care industry for over 40 years.

Our heritage and technical expertise give us a unique insight into the UK market. We work with an extensive network of manufacturers to bring the best of innovation and technology to this fast moving and performance-led industry.

LEHVOSS UK is a wholly owned subsidiary of Lehmann and Voss and Co, a relationship providing an advanced business management platform and extensive logistics services.

We work with an extensive network of manufacturers to bring the best of innovation and technology to this fast moving and performance-led industry.


From certified organic products through to cutting edge-technology, we have solution for your formulation needs.

Quality of Service

Quality of service is at the forefront of our philosophy; and we continue to invest to ensure we maintain the highest standards available:

Certified to HACCP
Certified to ISO 9000:2008
Certified to Cosmetic GMP ISO 22716
Member of Sedex
Member of RSPO


Tel: +44 (0)1260 291 000  Email: pc@lehvoss.co.uk


Core Directory


Amcol HBS

AMCOL Health & Beauty Solutions (HBS) is a leading supplier of active delivery systems and SPF boosting technology used to enhance topical skin care. HBS anti-aging delivery systems include Microsponge Retinol, Microsponge AHA and Poly-Pore120RE technology. HBS anti-acne delivery systems include Microsponge Salicylic Acid and Microsponge Benzoyl Peroxide.

Products are backed by clinical testing including the validation of efficacy and the demonstration of irritation reduction. In addition, HBS manufactures sebum control and mattifying agents as well as mineral-based rheology modifiers under cGMP conditions. Amcol HBS is a wholly owned subsidiary of Minerals Technologies Inc.



Borregaard has one of the world’s most advances and sustainable biorefineries. By using natural, sustainable raw materials, Borregaard produces advanced and environmentally friendly biochemicals that can replace oil-based products. Borregaard also holds strong positions within ingredients and fine chemicals.

Borregaard has 1080 employees in plants and sales offices in 16 countries throughout Europe, Americas, Asia and Africa. Exilva is Borregaard’s innovative new additive within the field ofMicrofibrillar / Microfibrillated cellulose (MFC), whereby cellulose fiber is split into a network of microfibrils, in order to achieve a very high and active surface area, and increased water retention capability.

Exilva is a multifunctional additive. It not only offers superior performance in rheology modification, it also controls dry- out time, increases stability, improves barriers, and enhances uptake of active ingredients.



A range of targeted actives including an excellent quality Ceramide-3, Rice bran ferment and Mung bean ferment. The well rounded selection offers the benefits of moisturising, protection, smoothing and whitening products.



GFC Co Ltd

GFC are a Korean Biotechnology company that has developed cosmetic ingredients from Plant Stem cells. The PhytoG Stem Cell range include products developed from the totipotent cells of Bamboo Shoots, Green Tea, Ginseng, Mung Bean and Rose for a wide range of skin care active functionality.



Global Seven

Global Seven have initially concentrated on ethoxylated and propoxylated esters with wide ranging HLB values and surfactancy. More recently they have developed some special actives: anti-microbial water soluble esters, vegetable based surfactant thickening systems, vegetable based non-polar rheological modifiers and unique clear waxes.



Gulbrandsen Technologies

Anti-perspirant active ingredients: Aluminium Chlorohydrate, Aluminium Chloride, Aluminium Sesquichlorohydate, Aluminium Zirconium Chlorohydrex compounds. Suitable for all delivery systems: aerosol, sticks and liquid dispersions.




Established in 1992, Greentech develop and manufacture novel, natural actives from plants, algae, micro-algae and biotechnology for use in cosmetic, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical applications.

Greentech have an exciting portfolio of actives which is regularly updated with innovative ingredients offering full substantiated functional and marketing benefits. Their latest venture is a new R&D laboratory specialising in Fermentation technology where they can create actives from the synergy of botany and micro-organisms.

Two new ranges have been launched; Probiophytes and Ferment’Actives. Greentech were pioneers in the both the supply of Organic cosmetic ingredients and the creation of partnerships with local communities in numerous countries. They continue to offer responsible and sustainably sourced actives.



Kolon Life Science

A range of anti-bacterial agents, particularly focussed on anti- dandruff applications. Exceptionally stable, unpreserved Zinc Pyrithione colloidal suspensions and Piroctone Olamine.






A range of formulation essentials: surfactants, waxes, guars, preservatives, chelating agents and clays. Minerals based around Calcium, Zinc and Magnesium: hydroxides, carbonates and citrates. Active ingredients including Hyaluronic Acid and Sodium Hyaluronate at a range of molecular weights.



Natural Plant Products

Natural Plant Products are the original supplier of Meadowfoam Seed Oil, a unique plant oil with a very high stability. Excellent for products with high levels of oil, both as a stable component in it’s own right, or to stabilise the more reactive oils such as Sunflower and Evening Primrose. Daikon Seed Extract is a new addition with high shine and a dry feel, this natural oil performs like silicone with the fatty acid profile of Jojoba.


Pacifique Sud (Psi)

Pacific Products sourced from the French Polynesian Islands including Tahiti; the source of Monoi de Tahiti, an enfleurage of Tahitian Gardenia in pure Coconut Oil.

Also a wide range of actives based on the local flora and other resources: Noni, Tahitian Vanilla, Tiare, Frangipani, Sea Algae, Lagoon Water, Volcanic Sand, Mother of Pearl and Coconut Powders.


Stéarinerie Dubois

Manufacturer of a comprehensive range of esters and European specialist in the production of sucrose esters. The Stéarinerie Dubois range includes emulsifiers, emollients, film formers and texture enhancing ingredients for skin care, sun care, hair care and colour cosmetic applications.



USA Best Aloe

Aloe Barbadensis, grown under organic conditions and wild crafted in the Southern USA. This material is unique in that the Aloe Vera gel is not pasteurised; the full activity of the aloe enzymes is possible with the consequent benefits in skincare and topical application.




Variati and Co

Valuable ingredients of natural origin including Vari-Stan PE - a potent anti-inflammatory active from Mangosteen Fruit, anti- bacterial, deodorising and anti-dandruff actives, moisturisers, emollients and proteins from rice, silk, oat, wheat, corn and keratin.



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