Make way for the Bentley girls: Bentley launches female fragrance line

By Becky Bargh | Published: 28-Oct-2020

Joining the brand’s Beyond The Collection range are three new scents named after the fragrance’s hero ingredient

Lalique-licensed fragrance group Bentley has revved-up its fragrance line with a new launch for women.

The trio of fragrances, as part of Bentley’s Beyond The Collection range, use three key ingredients as inspiration and are each said to evoke a particular country.

Radiant Osmanthus, for Kyoto, Japan, is said to be for the joyful woman, and is infused with facets of the Asian orange bloom, apricot, green tea and suede.

“The woman I envisioned when I composed Radiant Osmanthus is self-confident and joyful, but never ostentatious,” said Karine Dubreuil-Sereni, the nose behind the trio.

“For me, the apricot colour and scent of the osmanthus flower reflect her sunny character, while its suede facet expresses her inner depth.”

Second in the line is Mellow Heliotrope for Peru’s capital Lima.

Dubreuil-Sereni said that when she composed it she imagined a “soft, sensual woman who wants a scent that is delicately enveloping, yet diffusive and unforgettable”.

The floral combination is designed to express the wearer's ‘sweet but compelling character’, as described by Bentley, and blends tones of vanilla, anise, violet flowers and gardenia.

Completing the range is Vibrant Hibiscus, for the “passionate” woman, said Dubreuil-Sereni, which was inspired by the flowers’ bright pink colours.

For Seoul, South Korea, the scent blends top notes of blackcurrant, mandarin and Italian bergamot, and heart tones of red peony, Turkish rose and Indian Jasmine on a base of sandalwood, Indonesian patchouli and moss.

Each scent is priced at £165 and is available at Harrods and Lalique stores across the UK.

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