Mavala publishes first-ever cancer treatment nail care guide

Published: 12-Sep-2018

The nail care brand's guide provides tips and advice for those undergoing cancer treatment

Nail care brand Mavala has published what it says is the first-ever nail care guide for those undergoing cancer treatment.

The Mavala Nail Care during Cancer Therapy brochure contains information from Mavala Laboratories about the cutaneous side effects of cancer therapies.

The brand states: "We hope that in those difficult times, Mavala will help you to feel better thanks to the few tips in this brochure.

"Our wish is that your beauty and your femininity become a force that will help you to overcome this hard time."

Mavala publishes first-ever cancer treatment nail care guide

When a person undergoes chemotherapy and other forms of treatment, the brand explains that damage can be caused to the cells of the ungual matrix or nail matrix on fingernails and toenails.

In the guide, it outlines the most common troubles faced by cancer sufferers including ridged, breaking or thickened nails, discolouration, white spots, infection, swelling, subungual haemorrhage and more.

For some of these issues, Mavala recommends seeking medical treatment such as antifungals or antibiotics.

However, for other more minor issues, it recommends a selection of its products including the Mavala Scientifique Nail Hardener and Mava-Flex Moisturizing Serum.

The brand's nail polish colours contain silicon dioxide, which it says has a protecting effect, although one that is not yet scientifically recognised.

Mavala claims that "experience has already proved it", and that its products seem to play a 'shield role' against the ill effects of therapies.

The guide can now be used by spas, clinics and salons to help shape their treatment protocols.

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