MSL pioneers world’s first vegan microbial limits and challenge tests

Published: 8-Jul-2019

UK Cosmetics testing and regulatory house MSL has developed the first preservative efficacy test performed on non-animal-derived culture media.

VeganSure replaces all animal-derived ingredients with plant or synthetic alternatives, to ensure the safety of a cosmetic product without compromising vegan ethics. VeganSure is registered with The Vegan Society’s trademark.

Under EU Cosmetic Regulation 1223/2009, every product on the EU market must have a Cosmetic Product Safety Report (CPSR), which involves products undergoing a preservative efficacy or ‘challenge’ test to ensure their microbiological quality.

Historically, these tests have relied on standard culture media and neutralisers derived from animal by-products.

MSL’s VeganSure solution, however, uses plant-derived or synthetic alternatives, such as papaya-derived enzymes, soya bean, sugars from potatoes, cornmeal and plant peptones, for both of the main cosmetic tests required in the EU: microbial limits and the preservative efficacy (challenge) testing.

MSL also ensures separate workflows to avoid cross-contamination.

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