Natura Bissé launches Diamond Life Infusion serum

Published: 24-Jan-2013

Creates ‘new generation of cosmetics’

Natura Bissé has launched a new serum, Diamond Life Infusion, which its creators claim forms part of a new generation of skin care cosmetics.

The serum, which has been launched onto the UK and Spanish markets, regulates four skin age biomarkers: the stem cell preservation biomarker, cellular ageing control biomarker, telomere protection biomarker and oxidative damage regulator biomarker, by using a high concentration of 16 ingredients gleaned from the study of genes.

Among these ingredients is the recently discovered magnetic active ingredient, bio-magnet nanosomes, which was identified through a collaboration with the University of Munich. The natural magnetite provides a retinoid-like effect, stimulating the cellular renewal process, however without the undesirable side effects such as dryness, irritation or inflammation. The product takes its name from the diamond peptide that is used as its delivery system.

In the UK, Diamond Life Infusion is available exclusively in Harrods from February to March for £468 for 25ml.

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