New 3D video illustrates Peptan’s bioavailability

Published: 30-Jun-2020

In support of a recent published study demonstrating Peptan collagen peptides’ high bioavailability, a new 3D scientific video has been developed to visualise the changes that Peptan undergoes while passing through our digestive tract and being absorbed into the blood stream.

Depicting the changing composition of collagen molecules and the presence of bioactive hydroxyproline-carrying dipeptides (known as marker for collagen bioavailability and described to carry bioactivity) in the blood after Peptan digestion, this video details the science behind providing a visual explanation to the viewers the mechanism behind Peptan’s health benefits.


Kleinnijenhuis A. J. et al. (2020) Non-targeted and targeted analysis of collagen hydrolysates during the course of digestion and absorption. Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry 412: 973-982. Available online here.

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