New applications for NFC technology

By Becky Bargh | Published: 30-Jun-2022

NFC has been touted as a method of tackling counterfeit goods and beauty’s problem with waste. So who are the early adopters and what is the future of this technology?

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Existing in the digital world as well as the physical world has become integral to beauty. Once, having the most striking font, pack colour or ‘worth it’ tagline was enough to stand above the crowd, but a presence in the metaverse and digital ether is now part and parcel of a beauty brand’s marketing strategy.

Some of the industry’s biggest names have leant on social media sites to bring their digital campaigns to life. Estée Lauder kicked off a long term partnership with Snapchat to bring its digital marketing to the fore.

Meanwhile, Dr.Jart+ collaborated with digital artist Rek0de for its venture into the metaverse, in which it developed an immersive experience at London’s famous Piccadilly Circus.

And as capabilities in the digital sphere grow, there are a host of other touchpoints that are helping brands bridge the gap between digital and physical.

NFC, or near-field communication labels, are used in packaging as a short-range wireless technology. They offer customers an interactive experience with a brand via their technological lifeline – or smartphone.

The technology consists of a chip and an antenna that allow for communication to the outside world. Everyday products, including mobiles, watches and keyrings, can feature this tech, and even some ovens and fridges are packing the tags.

“The chip is, essentially, a memory chip that contains a certain amount of memory,” Bob Pernice, Global Director of Market Development, Beauty & Personal Care at packaging and labelling company Avery Dennison, tells Cosmetics Business.

“It contains whatever overhead is needed for the chip to communicate via radio waves and it also contains – depending upon the chip itself – a high amount of memory, as well as a level of encryption that adds security to that communication.”

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