New platform links brands with beauty nano-creators

By Julia Wray | Published: 12-May-2022

Seen Group’s community x seen features 2,000-plus creators across UK and US

PR firm Seen Group is poised to launch a platform linking beauty’s nano-creators with global beauty brands.

community x seen, which goes live 16 May, is an inclusive social network of more than 2,000 nano-beauty creators, everyday enthusiasts and pro beauty specialists across the UK and US.

According to Seen Group, community x seen was conceived in 2020, in response to the rise of new social platforms, the boom in diverse, everyday creators and the accelerated digital aspirations of beauty brands.

“Influencer marketing has grown to become such a core part of our business. We identified a real opportunity to use our expertise to discover, nurture and connect socially engaged new beauty creators with the best in global brands to unlock richer social beauty experiences,” said Jane Walsh, CEO or Seen Group.

“We are seeing that a volume of genuine peer-to-peer brand recommendations can work in parallel with higher, equity building and awareness driving influence to grow the beauty conversation, while simultaneously providing consumers with relatable knowledge via social to make more informed purchasing decisions through the voice of everyday, likeminded creators and beauty professionals.

“Ultimately, it’s about making the world of social beauty a more authentic, knowledgeable, and inclusive space for all.”

community x seen proposes to reinvest into creators through bespoke social upskilling sessions and product rewards for ‘gold’, ‘silver’ and ‘bronze’ star creators, and where possible via paid collaborations.

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