#100 looks of EPOPACK - Look 004

Published: 11-Apr-2023

Experience the beauty of nature in a clean and modern way with our stylish packaging in the warm and inviting amber colour

A clean, natural look to cosmetic packaging can be achieved by combining earthy tones with minimalist design elements.

The main colour of the packaging is an amber shade, which conveys a sense of warmth and earthiness. The PET heavy wall material provides a high-quality, glass-like appearance while also being lightweight and shatterproof. Making it the ideal packaging for travel or shipping.

The matte silver attachments create a clean and modern contrast against the warmth of the amber colour. The caps are typically simple and functional in design, with clean lines and a sleek shape that add to the overall minimalist look. The artwork on the packaging is also often kept to a minimum, with a focus on the product name and any key ingredients. This creates a sense of transparency and honesty that appeals to consumers who are looking for straightforward, natural and organic products.

Overall the clean, natural look of the cosmetic packaging in amber colour with matte silver accents create a sense of simplicity and elegance that is perfect for those who prioritise clean and natural beauty products. The warm tones of the amber bottle and the clean lines of the matte silver work together to create a minimalist design that is both visually appealing and functional.

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