125,000 products donated to frontline workers by Dr.PAWPAW

Published: 11-Mar-2021

Dr.PAWPAW, the brand that always gives back has donated 125,000 products to frontline workers through three national lockdowns. Starting in March 2020, each time the UK entered a national lockdown, Dr.PAWPAW responded quickly to the demand on products needed to make a difference for our frontline workers

Increased need for PPE, long hours and tireless work took its toll and the Dr.PAWPAW balms and hand creams made a real difference in soothing and nourishing the hands, skin and lips of the nation.

The Dr.PAWPAW frontline initiative was open to all frontline workers from our incredible NHS to our teachers, from our retail workers to our carers and consisted of two free products to be claimed via www.drpawpaw.com.

As well as this - Dr.PAWPAW contributed in the thousands to multiple individually run sampling initiatives across the country to supply products that were really needed by those working around the clock in unprecedented circumstances.

Sampling was expanded to frontline health services with distribution partners in Greece, Latvia and the US.

In Belarus, Dr.PAWPAW contributed both with product and financial aid to support in providing medicines for an Orphanage which was struggling to look after the children in their care as a direct result of the Covid-19 impact.

Johnny & Pauline Paterson, Dr.PAWPAW founders comment: “We did all we could do - we contributed in our way and we couldn’t be more proud to have been able to support so many people over the last year. The response has been incredible from frontline workers who have really benefited from our products.

"To know that we have helped not only nourish and soothe tired and sore skin, lips and hands but also given so many a pick me up when they needed it most and put so many smiles on peoples faces during this terrible time has been really humbling. We’re so thankful we’re in this position and have these amazing products to offer people.”

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