ALKOS Group bets on innovative concepts matching formula and packaging


After a big success on MakeUp in Paris, ALKOS Group comes back in NYC for this new MakeUp in edition and keep being innovative on formulas and concepts, always creating new way to use products. Two products awarded for the MUNY Innovation Tree will be presented this week:

The Body butter stick

The fantastick family is getting bigger, after the cleanser (stick with me) and the exfoliating charcoal mask the new stick family’s baby : the Body butter stick. A luscious body cream on a stick features a rich, luxurious texture, as soft as the caress of cashmere, that envelops the body like a second skin. Formulated with a powerful blend of natural oils, it deeply nourishes and cushions skin, leaving it more supple and softer, feeling comfortable.

The perfumed Superstamp

A colored tattoo stamp pencil delivering instant fun and super trendy long-lasting temporary perfumed tattoos. Superstamp can be applied anywhere on the body, as desired, to create unique patterns. It enlarges the perfume derivative collection started with automatic pencils, felt-tip and chubbies format…

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More products and concepts will be presented during the show, always in a responsible approach in terms of ecology, with vegan and natural formulas.