Acqua Di Baviera – an unique Italian-Bavarian story


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Acqua Di Baviera – an unique Italian-Bavarian story

Founded in 2016, the German company for fine and home fragrance Acqua Di Baviera represents a new perfume culture from “Italy's Northernmost City”. At the heart of the company's philosophy is the 2000-year-old Bavarian-Italian bond, which is characterised by a lively cultural and economic exchange between merchants and monarchs, artists and saints, academics and scientists, as well as by tourists and workers.

The Italian attitude towards life has long been an apparent and indispensable part of the Bavarian society and culture. Sometimes the lines even become blurred and people feel equally at home in no matter which of the two countries they are.

With its exclusive collection, Acqua Di Baviera understands how to produce a harmonious mix inspired by the invisible, sensual tie between the two cultures. Without exception, our perfumers and skilled professionals use high-quality ingredients to create exquisite products, which, true to the motto “Munich Perfume Culture”, are produced exclusively in Germany.

Acqua Di Baviera products are sold in luxury and niche perfumeries only.

The product offering consists of very precious and special fine and home fragrance creations in three editions: Premium Edition, Limited Edition and the Luxury Edition that will be launched in April 2019.

The Premium Edition consists of five product lines. Each of them represents a special attribute of the Italian-Bavarian beauty.

Acqua di Baviera Monaco embodies the Bavarian metropolis of Munich with its traditional elegance as “Italy’s northernmost city”.

Nero represents the vibrant nightlife and the associated lifestyle.

Prato is inspired by an awakening spring meadow as MONTE plays with nature’s diversity – cool mountain rock, bubbling springs, mysterious undergrowth.

Acqua Di Baviera – an unique Italian-Bavarian story

Lago represents the unique Bavarian lakes in its clearness, purity and its dazzling colours.

The Limited Edition is a unique composition of a precious Extrait de Parfum and handmade porcelain from the famous Nymphenburg manufactory. Limited series of 222 items packaged in an exquisite, hand-finished box made from original Gmund paper from Tegernsee. Delivery includes certificate of authenticity.

The new Luxury Edition, presented for the first time at the “Beautyworld Middle East 2019“, consists of four exclusive fragrances. The precious perfume composition of the Luxury Edition with a perfume oil content of 25% are bottled in particularly noble flacons hand-coated with genuine leather.

In only a short time, Acqua Di Baviera has established itself as a strongly emerging brand both domestically and abroad: Availability at more than 50 POS domestically and abroad (exclusively niche & luxury perfumery), a first Acqua Di Baviera Monostore in Garmisch- Partenkirchen (near Munich), exclusive partnerships with superiour hotels and partners and a strong media presence.

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In 2018 the brand was featured as a finalist for the DUFTSTARS, the most important German perfume award. In 2019 Acqua Di Baviera is being chosen as a finalist for `Best New Niche Fragrance' and `Best New Premium Fragrance' at the Pure Beauty Global Awards in April in Dubai.


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