Africa ME - Iran: Sun Care Market Report 2017

By Poorna Rodrigo 26-Apr-2017

Sun care is a niche segment with Iran, with many consumers considering these products to be unnecessary luxuries. What more can the industry do to grow usage?

Source: Euromonitor International

Source: Euromonitor International

Cracking the sun care product market in a country like Iran is not easy because many Iranians consider sun care an unnecessary luxury. That said, it’s not all bad news. The country’s small niche sun care segment is growing slowly, even from a low base.

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In 2015, Iran’s sales comprising sun protection, aftersun, self-tanning and baby and child-specific sun care products reached US$42.48m, Diana Jarmalaite, Research Analyst at Euromonitor International, tells Cosmetics Business. A look into the past five years shows that the industry’s growth has been gradual but steady. In 2010, Iran’s $14.39m sun care market grew to $16.98m in 2011, up 18%, before reaching $23.26m in 2012, growth of 36.9%. Sales increased further to $33.96m in 2013 growing at 46%. In 2014, sales slowed down to $39.98m, posting a growth rate of 17.7% and it slipped more to 6.3% in 2015, according to Euromonitor data. The growth trajectory however will continue well into 2020 but at a ...

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