Africa ME - Nigeria: Deodorants Market Report 2017


Deodorants play a fascinating role in Nigeria, with high-priced, imported brands representing a desirable status symbol among increasingly Westernised consumers

Africa ME - Nigeria: Deodorants Market Report 2017

A growing population of professional young men is behind an increase in sales of deodorants to consumers wanting to combat the heat of Nigeria.

With wide supermarket availability of these personal care products being a relatively new phenomenon in Nigeria, consumers regard deodorants as trendy and a symbol that they are in touch with global trends, driven by a desire to follow Western media influence, Euromonitor International reveals.

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In 2011, the retail value of the Nigerian deodorant market was just US$56.2m, but by 2016 this had risen to $91.9m. The overall deodorant market is predicted to enjoy a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of ...

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