AkzoNobel recruits special hair agents

Published: 22-Apr-2014

AkzoNobel has launched cationic conditioning agents for hair and skin care

AkzoNobel Personal Care has launched cationic conditioning agents that it says revolutionise performance and enhance sustainability in hair and skin care formulations.

Armocare VGH-70 and Arquad PC SV-60 are naturally-based, multifunctional, versatile conditioning agents. Their cationic character and unique structures make them substantive to both hair and skin while being compatible with a wide range of ingredients, including nonionic, cationic and mild anionic surfactants and polymers.

In hair care applications, Armocare VGH-70’s substantivity to hair provides excellent wet and dry comb and feel, and also improves detangling. In skin care applications, its safety profile makes it suitable to use as an emulsifier or co-emulsifier in skin and sun care formulations.

Arquad PC SV-60 improves detangling and wet combing of all hair types. It also provides soft and silky after feel on both hair and skin. In addition, its stability across a wide pH range enables broad formulation latitude. They can be used in personal care applications to provide a number of benefits, such as conditioning, static reduction and emulsifying/stabilising.

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