AkzoNobel's new humectant and enhanced styling product

Published: 22-Apr-2016

At In-Cosmetics 2016 Paris, AkzoNobel launched two new products: ElfaMoist AC humectant for longer-lasting moisturisation in skin care formulations; and AMPHOMER EDGE polymer, a new hard holding film-former with market-leading on-hair stiffness, unprecedented high-humidity resistance and long-lasting hold properties. In addition, AkzoNobel experts presented Innovation Seminars on the new humectant and on film-former options for hair styling.

ElfaMoist AC humectant

AkzoNobel’s latest innovative ingredient for personal care applications provides formulators with the ability to meet the growing consumer demand for long-lasting and high-performance skin care products. ElfaMoist AC humectant (proposed INCI Name: N-Acetyl DGA) is an effective active that easily penetrates inside the skin (stratum corneum), delivers and increases hydration, and keeps skin moisturised for 30 hours, even after a single application. Equally important, ElfaMoist AC humectant performs exceptionally without showing disruption to the skin barrier, making it safe and gentle on skin.

ElfaMoist AC humectant was scientifically designed to deliver instant and long-lasting moisturisation without the negative sensory impact of other humectants. “The performance of ElfaMoist AC humectant is the best we have seen from any humectant that we have evaluated,” said Han (Bevin) Bevinakatti, AkzoNobel scientist, Global R&D. Having lead the Innovation Seminar, Bevinakatti discussed ElfaMoist AC humectant properties, features, benefits, and results of performance evaluations.

With ElfaMoist AC humectant formulators can create the finest skin care products in a wide variety of leave-on emulsion systems as well as rinse-off products. “By adding ElfaMoist AC humectant to our portfolio, we have strengthened our offering of actives – in addition to HYDROVANCE moisturising agent – providing our customers with innovative ingredients that deliver on their formulations objectives, ultimately helping them to gain competitive advantage and grow in the skin care market,” said Georgete Pereira, Global Marketing Manager for Personal Care Applications.


“AMPHOMER EDGE polymer (INCI Name: Octylacrylamide/Acrylates/Butylaminoethyl Methacrylate Copolymer) provides the excellent stiffness and high humidity resistance of our current AMPHOMER polymer but also offers improved long-lasting hold, durability and unsurpassed style retention,” said Melissa Vitale, AkzoNobel Global Marketing Manager, Hair Styling. Designed for high alcohol aerosol and non-aerosol sprays, the polymer keeps volume in place for over 24 hours. It also can be used in aqueous styling gels, mousses, creams and waxes, where strong, long-lasting hold is desired.

“In addition,” said Vitale, “AMPHOMER EDGE polymer is compatible in high levels of hydrocarbon and/or dimethyl ether systems, which makes it a great selection for formulators, particularly in Europe and Asia, looking to develop global chassis hair spray systems.” AMPHOMER EDGE polymer tolerates heat up to 232° C (450° F), providing thermal protection and shielding hair from heat damage caused from flat irons and curling wands. Further, it offers an excellent balance of hold and adhesion properties; and a proven toxicology and safety profile which enables formulators to make an easy transition into existing formulations.

At the Innovation Seminar, Maryalice Belluscio, Group Leader, Hair Styling Applications, described several of AkzoNobel’s film-forming technologies designed to address specific consumer perceivable hair styling benefits. She also discussed volume building, style durability and protection from heat.

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