Albéa partners with eXpackUSA to deliver more sustainable tubes

By Austyn King | Published: 10-Nov-2021

The deal aims to help beauty brands meet their commitments to eco-friendly packaging as well as creating local jobs for the US-based manufacturer

Albéa has partnered with packaging supplier eXpackUSA to help beauty brands increase their sustainable credentials with eco-friendly tubes made from post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic.

Based in New Jersey, US, eXpackUSA provides customers with filling and packaging capabilities including tubes, sachets, bottles, jars and more, with a range of sustainable options available for all its product lines.

The new deal, which is said to demonstrate the companies' commitment to corporate social responsibility, will see Albéa supply eXpackUSA with its PCR Encore coextruded tube, made from recycled materials and designed to give them a second life while reducing its carbon footprint.

Bruno de Carvalho, VP and General Manager at Albéa Tubes in America, said: “This partnership will accelerate market uptake of circular, low-environmental impact tube packaging.

“It will help brands deliver on their own commitments to responsible packaging, while contributing to their ambitions to tackle climate change. “In addition, Made in America manufacturing supports local jobs and communities, and enables shorter, more agile and secure supply chains.”

Albéa has pledged to make all of its tubes recyclable by 2025, which it plans to do through investing in more lightweight tubes with less plastic, monomaterial tubes and caps, PCR and bio-based tubes, and innovations such as its paper-based and Greenleaf tubes, which oral care company GlaxoSmithKline utilised to offer fully recyclable toothpaste tubes across its brands including Sensodyne and Aquafresh.

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