Albiva champions Honest Luxury with unique concept and innovative formulations


Discover New-Era Naturals that offer supreme efficacy with clinical-grade ingredients that are sustainable and eco-conscious

Launched this year, British brand Albiva is tapping into Gemmotherapy, an advanced branch of phytotherapy, which isolates the active ingredients from the embryonic tissues of plants – the part that contains their most potent healing properties.

This precise and early-stage harvesting results in the purest concentration of active ingredients that are fresh and rich in nutrients. Plants are purposely grown in an eco-pods, ensuring sustainable harvesting.

Every Albiva product delivers cold processed, nutrient-dense formulations where every ingredient has a purpose.

Wanting to turn the traditional formulating on its head and do things differently, Albiva’s innovative formulas contain 91-97.5% active ingredients. (You may be surprised that distilled water makes up 85-95% of many brand’s products.)

By removing plain water from their formulations, the brand dramatically reduces their use of this precious resource.* Albiva prides itself on replacing the plain water with COSMOS certified organic Raspberry water that in itself is an active ingredient renowned for firming, lifting and smoothing properties.

Rather than focusing on any skin type, age group or gender, Albiva’s products are designed to activate the skin’s natural ability to repair itself and empower their customer to use and combine the products as they need them.

The multiphase formulas combine two or three steps into one, encouraging to buy less. See their cleanser that removes make-up (including eye) and impurities in just one step.

The packaging has been specifically designed to reduce waste by utilizing airless diaphragm technology that pushes 99.7% product out. Coupled with the product’s high concentration, this makes your moisturizer or serum go a long way. You’ll find the range’s beautiful wooden bottles carry the PEFC mark (for sustainable forestry).

Albiva’s commitment to the environmental protection can be seen in the streamlined packaging made from hand made paper that is not plastic coated nor cello-wrapped. The brand operates a 15% off your next order scheme when customers return their empties to ensure a proper recycling or if possible, re-use. To give back to the community, £1 from the sale of every product is donated to charity.

Ten years in the making, the brand’s seven product range, which includes moisturisers, serums, a cleanser, toner and eye treatment is available to purchase through

Albiva products are 100% cruelty free (not tested on animals) and do not contain any animal derivatives.

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(*Small amount of water is present where the active ingredient is water soluble).