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Alibaba sets target to bring 1,000 international brands to Tmall Global

By Becky Bargh | Published: 21-Apr-2020

The e-commerce giant is also helping existing brands and businesses hit by the Covid-19 pandemic drive sales

Chinese e-commerce goliath Alibaba has announced plans to bring 1,000 international brands to its Tmall Global marketplace.

The ramp-up is expected to take place over the next 12 months and is said to include brand benefits, such as reduced commission fees and access to tailored live streaming campaigns.

Tmall has also said it will help companies reach RMB1m (around US$140,000) in gross merchandise in their first 90 days of joining the site.

“We’ve seen more and more brands choosing Tmall Global as their favoured platform to tap into the China market,” said Alvin Liu, President of Tmall Import and Export.

“These brands quickly see the importance of the digital analytics we provide to better understand the Chinese consumers’ preferences and develop relevant strategies for their online business, and even bolster their offline business.”

To help international companies, Tmall’s Global incubator programme has rolled-out an English language customer service and self-service registration system for brands.

Alibaba made the announcement at its annual Tmall Beauty Awards earlier this month.

At the event Alibaba also laid out plans to launch its Super Consumer Growth Accelerator programme, which will help brands and businesses hit by Covid-19.

The initiative will allow companies to benefit from enhanced search and recommendation functions online, as well as various marketing tools to drive purchases.

These expansions laid out by Alibaba are part of the firm’s brand-incubation plan, piloted last year, to bring US$200bn worth of imported goods into China in five years.

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