Amazon’s drone dreams take flight

By Becky Bargh 6-Jun-2019

The retailer has announced its Prime Air service could be available to customers in a matter of months

Jeff Wilke has been with Amazon for 20 years

Retail giant Amazon has announced it could be using drones to deliver its packages “within months”, according to Amazon executive Jeff Wilke.

Wilke made the announcement at the retailer’s re:MARS Conference in Las Vegas, where it also revealed its latest Prime Air drone design.

He claimed the newest design includes advances in “efficiency, stability and, most importantly, in safety”.

In December 2016, Amazon safely made its first delivery by drone in Cambridge, UK, with orders sent out from a fulfilment centre nearby.

Throughout his speech, Wilke discussed key features including its sensors and advanced algorithms, to detect moving objects, and its explainable stereo vision for safe landing.

He added: “Our drones are safe, efficient, stable and good for the environment.

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“We know customers have high standards, so we set a high bar for Prime Air and we’re excited to be nearing our goal.”