Are women fairly represented in the US fragrance industry?

Published: 13-Jan-2017

With certain fragrance roles predominantly dominated by men, women are seeking out the support of organisations to help them break the glass ceiling

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Amy Marks-McGee is the President of Women in Flavor and Fragrance Commerce (WFFC) and the Founder of custom fragrance trend researcher Trendincite. Here she discusses female representation in the US fragrance industry and how market changes are likely to impact employment trends

Amy Marks-McGee

Amy Marks-McGee

What fragrance industry roles are most common among women in the US?
There are many women employed in the fragrance and flavour industry who hold a variety of positions. In my personal experience and observation, in the US, many women work in marketing, evaluation and purchasing.

Has this number increased over the years?
I personally believe that with recent STEM initiatives more women are joining the fragrance and flavour industry. In the future, we will see more women in technical roles such as perfumery and R&D.

What kind of fragrance roles are common among men?
Men are commonly employed in sales, R&D and

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